Welcome to Autopfand Saar Pfalz

Where you can secure short-term collateral loans on your automobile

We are here to provide you with easy, fast, and discreet loans on your vehicle, if you need to tide over a financial squeeze, and are not willing yet to sell off your car. Here you will find more information on that. We offer loans on cars, trucks, mobile homes, motorcycles, and boats.

High cash amounts

We generally disburse the highest collateral loans on your vehicle compared to other collateral lenders. Try us out!

Free countrywide pickup

If a collateral loan agreement is for a credit amount of over EUR 10,000, we pick up your automobile nationwide. We come to you promptly and discreetly, if you do not have the chance, or the time, to bring your vehicle to us. To be sure, we will fully insure your vehicle against accidental damages, even during the conveyance.